Lyca Kovai Kings vs VB Kanchi Veerans Prediction Who Will Win

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Malcolm Rangarajan, Laika Kovai is a new addition to King’s squad, but remains the main part of the team of the previous year. The only exception is wicket-keeper Ravichandran Rohit, who is not part of this year’s Kovai Kings team. One of his other drafts, Mohammed Ashiq, will be the new man behind the stumps.

Tamil Nadu Premier League

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VB Kanchi Veeran signed four new signals in the player’s draft, in which Gautam Thammari Kannan is known as Leka Kovai Kings, representing them in 2016 and 2017. Fast bowler Bowler Rangaraj Suetsh, left-arm medium pace bowler NS Harish and p. SuGendran joining the squad Gautam and Suhthhes may come in the team, because Kanchi Veeran wants to retreat from the bad campaign of 2018.

LKK vs. VKV Head to Head

In the previous three editions of the Tamil Nadu Premier League, VB Kanchi Veerans have defeated Lyka Kovai Kings twice – including the only victory of the previous season’s tournament.

In 2016, Baba Aparajith played an unbeaten 74 not out in the exciting game of 39 runs – his team posted 170/6 and won with only two runs. Aparajith scored 60 runs next year, but after chasing 197 runs from Kowai Kings, Aniruddha took seven wickets in the last ball thanks to Sita Ram’s unbeaten 69.

Last time, the Kanchi Veerans posted only 116/8, but in the four overs, Ashish Srinivas 3-12 in reply to Kowie Kings in 102/9.

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Lyca Kovai Kings v. VB Kanchi Veerans predicts

VB Kanchi Veerans defeated Laika Kovai Kings in the last season, but this was their only victory in a disappointing campaign and their new acquisition did not look good enough to raise them from their mother. Laika Kovai Kings can take a little change

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